Welcome to the Alberta Abilities Lodges Society

Honourary Patron Jeanne Lougheed
It is an honour to have the support of Jeanne and Peter Lougheed who are long-standing supporters of disability-friendly facilities, such as William Watson Lodge, which is located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

Peter and Jeanne Lougheed

Peter and Jeanne Lougheed

“We are delighted to support the Alberta Abilities Lodges Society”

Who We Are
We are a Society of concerned citizens who recognize that Alberta seniors and the 350,000 Alberta citizens with a disability would raise their quality of life if they could break out of their isolation by experiencing the outdoors more frequently.

Our Vision
All Alberta citizens should have access to Alberta Parks and other camps/lodges to enjoy nature.

Our Mission
To find mechanisms to make more outdoor facilities accessible using universal design principles and practices.

Our Goals
We wish to partner with government, non-government organizations, and/or business to provide this access.

Our Activities
We have a policy of transparency and accountability and therefore our board minutes are available since our informal beginnings. Proceedings of our Workshops (January 19, 2007 and June 8, 2007) are similarly available. We have a program of recognition, a travel endowment, and we volunteer our services to assist camps to become disability-friendly.

Our Partners/Sponsors
As a new society we linked to many of the organizations within the Alberta Disabilities Forum. Members of these organizations will benefit by our efforts to make camps and lodges more accessible.

The Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilties and accessibility equipment companies have been the main financial supporters of our workshops.

Our Society
We received our Certificate of Incorporation under the Alberta Societies Act on April 7, 2007 (Corporate Access Number: 5013394548).

We thank the many individuals and groups who paved the way for us. We recognize that our work is only a small part of the efforts to encourage seniors and all others with a disability to raise their quality of life by experiencing the outdoor legacy of Alberta. The Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities and the Northern Alberta Brain Injury Society provide office support for our Society.
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