Heritage Buildings/Sites Accessibility

Linking Heritage Buildings/Sites to Accessibility Standards (2009-2011)

Some camps in Alberta have heritage buildings and/or heritage sites. Managers of these camps are concerned with the apparent conflict with present building codes as they upgrade camp accessibility. We are undertaking a case study to explore the Alberta legacy of Hobart A. Dowler’s stone and log buildings that were constructed from 1930 to 1960 in the Pigeon Lake area and also scattered cross Alberta. More importantly, we wish to explore how the heritage value of these buildings can be protected and made accessible for the enjoyment of all Albertans.
This project was initiated in 2009 and the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation funded the project to the level of $17,000 to visit and document the characteristics of these special buildings. To date the work has concentrated on developing a network of contacts to gain a complete listing of the buildings. About one-half of the buildings have been visited and images and measurements taken. The draft report describes about 100 buildings in about 150 pages of text. Four or more images will be taken of each structure.

Future Work and Funding Required:
In 2010, field work will continue with the purpose of gathering additional data on the characteristics of the buildings. A summer student stipend of $10,000 will be required to assist with field measurements and estimate repair costs. Publication costs estimated at $15,000 are needed to complete the study in 2011.

Building With Logs & Stones: The Alberta Legacy of Hobart A. Dowler

Rundle's Mission was built in 1959 by Hobart A. Dowler and features log walls as well as massive stone fireplaces and foundations.

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