A William Watson Lodge For North/Central AB

A Vision of a William Watson Lodge in Central and Northern Alberta (on-going since 2006)

It is a sad fact that many commercial tourist/camp facilities in Alberta and Alberta’s Parks still restrict visits from citizens with disabilities. Our vision is that these citizens will have the same opportunities as other citizens to enjoy Alberta’s nature at an affordable cost. There are in excess of 350,000 Alberta citizens with a disability and about 10% of the Alberta population is seniors. It is widely recognized that citizens with disabilities are low-income earners and often the family has a low total income. One result of disability and low income is the increasing isolation of the person. The cycle of lowered quality-of-life and isolation is difficult to break, but we believe the science and certainly the experience at the government-owned and operated William Watson Lodge in Kananaskis shows that enjoying nature has a lasting effect on quality-of-life. We are encouraging the Government of Alberta to develop one or more Alberta facilities loosely modeled after William Watson Lodge. Please use the link to read a 2013 Edmonton Journal News article documenting our fundraising efforts for the development of a lodge facility in Northern Alberta http://www2.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news/story.html?id=c8c499da-1150-4999-8a54-363a7752626d

Picture: One of the family units at William Watson Lodge.

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