Disabilities Transportation Fund

Disabilities Transportation Fund (2008-present)

It is well known that the greatest stumbling block for persons with physical and cognitive challenges to reach camps or parks in Alberta is TRANSPORTATION. Buses and trains do not serve these areas and many individuals do not drive cars. We feel that an important solution is to create an endowment fund that will provide financial travel support in perpetuity for disabled persons (and their family or support group). The AALS Disabilities Transportation Fund was established under the Edmonton Community Foundation. The income will be given annually to the Alberta Abilities Lodges Society for disbursement to recipients with financial need. We welcome contributions from those who wish to leave a legacy of service.

Current Status:
This project was initiated in 2008 and the first travel grant will be awarded in 2010.

Funding Required:
There is no completion date on this project because contributions to the endowment will provide service in perpetuity. We hope the fund will grow to $1million or more. We welcome contributions of any size from those who wish to leave a legacy of service. Those who donate $10,000 or more can name the donation.

Donations should be sent directly to:
The Disabilities Transportation Fund,
Director of Donor Services, Edmonton Community Foundation, 9910 103 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2V7 Tel: 780-426-0015.
A receipt for tax purposes will be sent to you by the Foundation.

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