Earth Day at Coyote Lake Lodge – April 22, 2015

Dear Friends

While many urbanites celebrate the environment in special ways for this one day of the year, we celebrate Earth Day every day because Coyote Creek is surrounded by nature. The lodge overlooks one branch of Coyote Creek that drains from Coyote Lake through our three-quarters of a square mile of forests and fields to the North Saskatchewan River.

The snow and ice have melted so the earth at Coyote Lake Lodge has been exposed for more than a month. Our resident beaver have captured as much water as possible behind many dams. In flooded areas, pussy willows were preceded by a few blades of grass which were quickly located and clipped by the elk. More grass blades emerged on southern slopes and then there was a bursting of the tree buds in the past week.

Since our last report at Spring Equinox, volunteer efforts of 20-30 person-days per month have resulted in:

Reduced electricity use by replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs

Reduced natural gas use with more effective weather proofing of doors and lowering room temperatures

Reduced water use through repairs of leaking toilets and taps

Plans are forming to:

Build trails that allow visitors to enjoy more aspects of nature (e.g. our bring-back-the-beaver project) and enjoy the benefits of exercise and fitness

Restore the Coyote Creek Animal Corridor that crosses our property from Coyote Lake to the North Saskatchewan River. This includes fence removal and the planting of local sourced willows, aspen, and spruce seedlings.

Restore the gardens where volunteers and guests can food and appreciate the value of local foods

Volunteers are welcome to develop these plans further.


Ross Wein, President,
AALS, PO Box 4455, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4T5
Tel: 780-436-0141


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